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Want to find purpose in your life? Play Aqua Hero now! 

Aqua Hero is a 2021 2D PC game, which is characterized by the water as a main player and fire as an enemy. To win the game, you have to reach the top of the tree. This will be a long journey because every time you jump to another tree, you will fight against the enemy. You also have to gather the droplets to maintain increase your health and ammo.

Thanks for playing! Hope you enjoy the game!

  • 2D style
  • Adventure
  • Nature


Audio Engineer: Tsuyushigure5 

Lead Programmer: TheRaff 

Level Designer: MikatoLee

UI/UX lead designer: Beatrixcdn

UI: Areebia 

Install instructions

Download the zip, unzip it, and click the ggj.exe file!


Aquahero.zip 25 MB

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